The Killers

A post....

But not an icon post. It's been over a month!? Holy crap. I honestly have NOTHING to post here. I've just been kinda busy recently and this place is the last thing on my mind. I haven't even thought of making icons. I am feeling kind of like I am over it at this point but who knows.

I guess this is a hiatus until I feel inspired to make icons? I really love  digital painting right now and I want to improve my skills in that area. I feel like I can't get much better at icon making and I feel that this chapter in my life is ending. I don't enjoy it as much as I used to. I've thought about this for a while now and I feel that it is the right thing to do. :\ I just enjoy looking at icons that other people make at this point. :)

I may have something to post in the future so I won't be compeletely gone. I will probably just start posting my other art here as well. I have a few peices I have posted over at my personal journal that I probably will post eventually.

So I hope you all understand, there are pleanty of other wonderful icon makers out there!
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the Killers Peace and Fuck You


 Yeah....Bandwith Exceeded....thanks hotlinkers. You suck.

Images should come back on THE FUCKING 28TH. So You all will just have to wait till then, I am not reuploading. 

10 GB in 6 days? That is a little much. 
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BBT Sheldon Spock


 *waves* Hi guys! I will have icons for you this weekend. Yes finally, I know!  Icons will be of Big Bang Theory, Alice in Wonderland (movie) Doctor Who, Fringe, The Killers and those long awaited requests! Good lord its been to long! I might feel inspired to do other stuff, we'll see. Hopefully you all haven't runaway! 

I can't say there will be a ton, but there will be a decent amount!